“It all started with a few pop-up restaurants in Hong Kong, New York and San Francisco”

Imagine travelling through a country, building a photo album to show your friends where you went, who you met & what you found. Instead of photographs, we use food to tell our story in each country.

The journey so far

12,636 Total Miles Traveled


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Miles by train

It all started with a few pop-up restaurants we went from Hong Kong, to New York and onto San Francisco.

Creating restaurants on trains, in Airbnb’s or pretty much anywhere, made the experience and the food much more personable.

We have found this wonderful way of building both our menu’s and our restaurants. We discover Cultures through their food, then we serve those discoveries to our guests

We’re categorically homeless. Less that a year ago we were all living and working in different countries. We decided to build a pop-up restaurant in Hong Kong, we all fell in love with the way that restaurant transformed from what we had planned it to be into what Hong Kong wanted it to be.

One restaurant led to another and while we remained the same; the building, the country and the ingredients became the variables, defining each restaurant we built wherever we built it.

We are now on a 20 month journey, around the world. Armed with suitcases full of blenders, pots and pans, we build our restaurant for a week in each country we visit.

Understanding the how Himalayan’s have developed ways to cook against the odds, living and working with a family of Vietnamese street food traders or fishing offshore with a Thai crew. These are the experiences that forge our restaurants and our guests in each country.

Who we are?

We have all worked with each other at some point in our careers. having trained in restaurants across the world. We live and work together like a community.

Kevin McCrae

James Sharman

Trisha McCrae

Kevin McCrae

James Sharman

Trisha McCrae