One Star House Party South Africa

16 Nights

Wednesday 26th of Apr 19:30


Thursday 11th of May 19:30

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Where’s the Party?


38 Lower Church Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa

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What’s all the hype?

One Star House Party is a travelling restaurant, that will only exist for a very short 20 months. During this time the chefs behind the unprecedented project will travel to 20 different countries to build 20 restaurants. So far the journey has taken them from China, down to Vietnam, across to Thailand, up to Nepal, down to India, over to Oman, and across to Kenya. The team only spend 1 month in each country. In this short window, they build an entirely new restaurant from the ground up, and an entirely new menu that reflects their time in that country. It is a month full of adventure, new challenges and discovery. This month the team are in South Africa currently putting the pieces together that will culminate in a restaurant that exists for 16 days from the 26th of April until the 11th of May in the Woodstock area of Cape Town. Here they will completely transform an Air BnB apartment into an intimate dining room and kitchen for the duration of their stay. Diners should expect an evening very different to any normal restaurant experience. A ticket will buy them a seat at a table where they will enjoy a menu created by chefs who have trained in some of the worlds best restaurants including NOMA and The Ledbury. There is only one seating at the temporary restaurant so people should expect at least 3 hours of dining and fun. Imagine a dinner party at your friends house; No menus, no waiters, no stress. Just tasty, unpretentious food and great company. The chefs present each of the dishes themselves and take you on a journey spanning courses that should spark nostalgia and new found excitement for the country they live in. "This way of living keeps us completely immersed in food. There is never a dull moment and this energy is what makes our restaurant so unique." Here today…Gone tomorrow…One Star House Party
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